Copyright Notice

The artwork, design, and all other features of this site are copyrighted to Bridget E. Wilde, and may not be copied by any means, altered,  or used for any purpose without the express written permission of the artist. This includes placing any graphics into an online gallery, using them on your website for any purpose, using them in any online discussion forum, or printing them for distribution.

I have relaxed my definitions of what you need to ask permission for, because of a lack of time to reply to emails. Please note that things that were not allowed "then" are still verboten "now" - I have just moved some stuff from "ask first" to "go ahead" because if you ask first it may take me months to get back to you. To clarify this, please DO NOT email me regarding stuff listed under "go ahead" - I am swamped with email and would really rather draw more than spend hours sending cookie-cutter emails granting permission for things I have already granted permission for!

Also, please read my detailed Tubes and Sigs notice! DO NOT EMAIL ME regarding sig/tag/tube usage. All the information you need is at the link, and it may be posted to your group as evidence of my permission policy. Emails regarding tubes and sigs will not be responded to!

Following are specifics of what is and is not allowed:

Go ahead and:

- download images to your computer for personal enjoyment

- print images for your own enjoyment

- link to the index page of this site, using one of the buttons provided or a text link

- share an image with friends or family

- use an image on your webpage or in your gallery.  I request that the image be unaltered with the copyright notice left intact, and that there be a link back to my index page on the page where the image is used.   If these rules are not followed, you will be asked to remove the work

- post online any fanart, fanfiction, etc. based on the characters herein. (I could only hope!) Please do send me a link so that other fans can enjoy the work!

-use an unaltered image as a sig or avatar. If you wish to alter an image to make a sig or avatar, please follow these guidelines to the letter.

Please ask if you want to:

- use an image in any print publication, including local fan club publications  (a bonus: I can also provide a higher-quality file for print purposes, when authorized!)

Do NOT, under any circumstances:

- link directly to images on my server.  Once you have permission to use my images, please download them to your own server instead of stealing my bandwidth, which I do pay for.

- Remove the copyright notice on any images.

- attempt to claim these works as your own, or the work of some other artist

- print multiple copies of images for distribution

- make derivative works based on my artwork or characters.  I don't mind fanart or fanfiction, as long as it acknowledges the original creator, but copying without credit is plagiarism!

Violators will be requested to remove their violation from circulation, first pleasantly, then not-so-pleasantly, then via their ISP if the violation continues.

All material on this site is copyright 2000 - 2011 Bridget E. Wilde and may not be reproduced or distributed without express written permission.
Please read my Copyright Policy for more details.  If you would like to use any of the images contained in this site, please contact me.